Construction and Maintenance

Our construction experience portfolio includes numerous retail projects, such as the West Plaza Shopping Center in Athens, many clothing stores, as well as Jumbo stores, the largest retail company in Greece. Additionally we possess significant experience in building renovation projects, such as retail stores, offices, hotels and factories. Some of our most known examples are the renovations of the offices of the Greek National Statistic Service, the King Minos 5* Hotel and Atlas SA factory. Because of our continuous practice in renovation projects, we are able to renovate buildings without shutting them down even partially. This technique has been successfully applied in several store renovations, which results in avoiding the loss of income that these type of operations can bring. Due to our performance in the construction services we provide, we have earned the privilege to be the exclusive partner of Jumbo for all new construction, renovation and maintenance works.

Construction Law and Planning Application Advice

We have offered legal advice and services in many real estate and construction projects. This includes planning permissions, changes of use and any other procedures needed for carrying out the realization of a real estate project. Our experience in the field has allowed us to be able to follow swift and secure routes in terms of procedures, in order the ensure speed in the realization of project while at the same time minimizing risk.

Real Estate Development – Retail Expansion

A full-package of real estate services, comprised of the search, negotiation and acquisition of the appropriate land, supplemented with high quality design and construction. The overall process involves thorough legal advice and support, and is followed by maintenance services for the project’s life. We have undertaken several real estate development projects in Greece, while implementing store expansion for companies such as Aldi, Jumbo and Sprider Stores. Our property development projects have varied from single retail buildings to whole mini-malls.

Land Brokerage Services

Our company has participated numerous times in the search, purchase and development of large plots of land in Greece and the Balkans. We have access to a wide range portfolio of large plots appropriate for touristic, commercial and energy (solar/wind parks) uses, as well as existing buildings such as hotels, luxury villas and blocks of offices. Due to our experience in the field, we propose optimal choices of plots, both for one off projects as well as parts of a chain-store firm’s expansion. We always ensure that our propositions follow secure and swift routes in terms of procedures.

Career opportunities

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